sabato 27 febbraio 2016

Il gioco dell'oca in mostra: NY, Chatham e Oxford

The Royal Game of the Goose: Four Hundred Years of Printed Board Games, The Grolier Club. "The Royal Game of the Goose is one of the earliest printed board games, going back to the Middle Ages – and one of the simplest: just roll the dice and move along its spiral track. The graphically vibrant Grolier Club exhibition of the same name brings together more than 70 of these games, almost all from the rich international collection of curator Adrian Seville. These beautiful and striking printed games are hardly known in the U.S., and Mr. Seville’s unique exhibition provides deep insights into the cultural history of Europe, with some fascinating glimpses of America, too." [Acquista il catalogo]

War Games, V&A Museum of Childhood: "War Games explores the many fascinating, and often surprising, relationships that exist between, on the one hand, war and conflict and, on the other, children's toys and play. This thought-provoking exhibition features toy soldiers and action figures, toy weapons and ‘anti-war’ toys, board and computer games and archive documents, as well as a broad range of powerful visual material, including photographs, packaging and advertising material."

Playing with history, Bodleian Library: "Playing with History celebrates Richard Ballam's donation to the Bodleian of his rich and varied collection of games and pastimes. This small selection of items from the wider collection gives us insights into the presentation of history to children, and the ways in which they were encouraged to engage with contemporary issues, such as War and Empire through game play."

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