venerdì 27 aprile 2012

The Royal Game of the Goose al Penn Museum

In conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania's Year of Games 2011 - 2012, join Penn Museum Registrar Chrisso Boulis in exploring the historical European past time, the Royal Game of the Goose.

lunedì 9 aprile 2012

Exeter, i giochi "for the Amusement of Youth"

Sopra, The Mansion of Bliss, a New Game for the Amusement of Youth (1822); sotto, Jeu des exercices militaires de l'Infanterie Française et des manoeuvres du canon (circa 1780); al centro, British and Foreign Birds. A New Game. Moral, Instructive and Amusing. Designed to Allure the Minds of Youth to an Acquaintance with the Wonders of Nature (1820).

In mostra al Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World di Exeter giochi dell'oca e di percorso, istruttivi e d'epoca, in un'esposizione a cura di Adrian Seville e Clive Adams. Con alcuni (originali, e sotto vetro) si può anche giocare:
Games hold a mirror to civilization; they build bonds, trust and strengthen social relationships. For the Cultural Olympiad, CCANW is exploring – through a range of exhibitions and activities that are participatory and fun – what games can tell us about ‘human nature’; and how a deeper understanding of the advantages of cooperation can help us all to address the needs of the planet at this time.

Indoors, the exhibitions are presented in two parts. The first shows a selection of remarkable early board games – some of which may be played – which were intended as guides to moral improvement or general knowledge, war games devised by Guy Debord and H.G. Wells, and documentation of unusual local games, past and present.
Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, Games People Play (6 aprile - 30 settembre), Haldon Forest Park, Exeter, Devon.